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More and more people are transforming their bathrooms to mini spas as of late, turning ordinary, bland spaces into attractive, beautiful environments. There is nothing quite like a custom glass shower door to turn an ordinary bathroom into an artful, attractive space that you’ll be proud to showcase to others.
In recent years, frameless shower and bathtub glass enclosures have become among the most popular home-improvement investments a homeowner can make. More and more people are turning bland, ordinary bathrooms into some of the best rooms in the house, simply by adding frameless glass shower doors.
At C & C Glass and Mirror, we offer top-quality glass and hardware solutions and a wide selection of decorative styles and designs. We also let you choose your glass options, such as clean, patterned or frosted, and you also get to choose the thickness of the glass you want, such as ¼” 3/8”, or ½”.

Bathtub & Shower Screens

Installing shower screens in any bathroom space will not only give it a stylish look, but will also provide a lot of functionality. They are the perfect alternative to conventional shower curtains not only because they are attractive, but also because they eliminate the hassle and mess of cleaning a pool of water in the bathroom. Also, unlike shower curtains, they don’t need to be replaced as often. In fact, with proper maintenance, shower enclosures can last a long time. Using a backsplash panel in your bathtub instead of a shower curtain adds value and style without spending a fortune

Bathtub Shower Screens

The elegant lines and soft style of a bath screen add an elegant touch to traditional bath screens. The clear glass screen makes smaller rooms appear larger and enhances the beauty of luxury bathrooms by providing a clear view to your bathroom décor. Designed to ensure that shower splashes are contained, this proven European design is practical and easy to clean, with no rails or rails to trap water. These shower enclosures feature a single pane of smooth, tempered safety glass with the option to open with polished hinges for easy access. It also seals along the rim and wall of the tub.

Bathtub Shower Screens
Bathtub Shower Screens