Residential Glass Repair

Here at C & C Glass and Mirror, we can repair or replace your broken window, door or garage door glass.
Most companies usually say that you’ll have you replace the entire window or door, but when you choose C & C Glass and Mirror, we train our technicians to replace only the damaged glass instead of the entire window or door, which saves you around 60% of the cost of a regular, full repair.
We can also fix most single-pane glasses in just one visit, as our technicians keep sheets of glass handy on their trucks at all times. They will cut the exact size of glass needed, remove the broken glass, clean around the perimeter and install a new piece of glass. The process is fast and affordable.
Please do not hesitate to call us, whether you have one small piece that needs fixing, or 20 – we’ll be happy to come out and do the job. We do it all; small or big. We don’t have a minimum.

Residential Glass Repair and Replacement Services

Fogged Insulated Glass Repair

Fogged insulated glass, also known as double panel glass, is two pieces of glass separated by an air gap, using aluminium spacer in between, and sealed with a butyl adhesive. Most people usually experience a broken seal for this type of glass at some point or another. When this happens, you’ll notice condensation or fog between the panes of glass. That means you need fogged insulated glass repair, as you’re losing air from inside your home and getting outside air coming in. Some companies will ask you to replace the whole window, even though they know that insulated glass can be replaced without replacing the entire window. By calling C & C Glass and Mirror we can fix your broken seal glass for 1/3rd of the cost of a new window. C & C Glass and Mirror will provide the best fogged insulated glass repair services. Our time-tables are as follows: – 1 or 2 days for regular insulated glass, after we’ve ordered the new double-pane glass. – 4 to 5 days for double pane glass that has to be tempered, or for safety glass. While other companies take the window back to their store, and then deliver the repairs back to you, we do everything right in your home – from the initial measurements to the finished repairs, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting your glass repaired as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of hassle.

Glass Railings System

Glass railings are among the most popular interior design ideas in use today. The clean, open effect of custom designed glass railings and glass stair railings, rather than traditional shafts or bars, creates an expansive modern look to help emphasize the beauty of your home or patio. Views are expensive so why hide what you are paying for? The glass railings system gives an open feeling. They expand your living space and show your view, well.


Window Repair and Replacement

Back in 1994, C & C Glass and Mirror started a window repair service of old, double-hung and casement windows.

We started by replacing sash cords, doing window operations, unsticking windows, simple-pane glass and windows hardware, and we’re still doing all of that today. We do window repair and replacement services of all kind, such as:

  • Counter balances.
  • Lock rollers.
  • Operators.
  • Handles.
  • Sash cords.
  • Vinyl glaze.
  • Hardware.
  • And more.

Aside from our repair services, we can also replace your entire window with vinyl, aluminum or wood windows. We do glass replacements for windows, patio doors and storm windows.

At C & C Glass and Mirror we are honest with our customers. We let you make the decision that works best for you: be it repairing, restoring or replacing your old windows. We give you our honest opinion on the status of your windows, and let you choose what works best for you, given your budget and needs.

We are also very familiar with many manufacturers, such as Anderson, Pelle, MW, Barbor & Ross, plus many more. We can get any window or door parts you may need, and we also stock many parts for windows and doors, so your window’s repair process can be as fast and convenient as possible.

Window and Patio Door Glass

We’ll be more than happy to fix a broken simple-pane glass on your window, glass garage door patio.

We can do patio door glass replacement on the first visit, as our technicians carry simple sheets of glass on their trucks at all times. They will measure and cut any glass size to fit any window or door. Feel free to call us for a free estimate.


Custom Wall and Vanity Mirror

Mirrors can be used in countless ways in commercial, industrial and residential settings.

Here at C & C Glass & Mirror, we can provide anything from standard-sized vanity mirrors to completely mirrored rooms.

Mirrors are a very versatile material that serves as a great space stretcher, enhances the beauty of the walls and adds a great design element to any room. A wall mirror invites light and makes spaces feel more open.

At C & C Glass & Mirror, we pride ourselves in knowing all about mirrors. You can count on us to help you with your mirror replacement options, no matter how big or small your project might be.

We can provide you with custom mirrors to meet your specification on sizes, shapes and special features, such as modern bathroom vanity mirrors and luxury vanity mirrors . We also give you the option to choose the shape such as oval bathroom vanity mirrors, colour and whether you want the finished edges of your mirror to be polished or bevelled.

C & C Glass & Mirror offers a wide variety of mirrors to choose from. We specialize in wall to wall mirrors for:

  • Exercise rooms.
  • Basements.
  • Living rooms.
  • Workout/gym rooms.
  • Commercial restrooms.
  • Restaurant bars.
  • Fitting rooms for retail stores.
  • Hallways.

You can also choose from a wide variety of mirrors, such as: clear, bronze, grey and antique mirrors. We’re sure you’ll love your new walled mirror.

Table Top and Glass Shelves

Table glass top is an easy way to protect your furniture, such as:

  • Dining room tables.
  • Desk tables.
  • Conference tables.
  • Coffee tables.
  • Outdoor patio tables.

Adding glass tops to your furniture offers many money-saving and aesthetic benefits, like:

– Protecting your valuable furniture from scratches and nicks.

– Adding beauty and shine to your desk and table.

– Protecting your surfaces from spills, dirt and wear.

– Protect your table by glass table top replacement.

At C & C Glass and Mirror, we can fabricate any glass top shape you may require, from a simple rectangle, to ovals, circles, squares, wavy, race track, boot shape or any other custom-cut piece you may want. We can also make glass shelves according to your needs and  designs that will improve the look of the place.Types of glass shelves we provide\

  • floating glass shelves
  • glass shelves for living room
  • black glass shelves

Protect your tables and desks with ¼”, 3/8” and ½” thick glass, tempered or annealed. Any size and shape: we do it all.

Available Edge Work Photo

  • Seamed Edge Photo
  • Flat Polished Edge Photo
  • Beveled Edge Photo