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More and more people are transforming their bathrooms to mini spas as of late, turning ordinary, bland spaces into attractive, beautiful environments. There is nothing quite like a custom glass shower door to turn an ordinary bathroom into an artful, attractive space that you’ll be proud to showcase to others.
In recent years, frameless shower and bathtub glass enclosures have become among the most popular home-improvement investments a homeowner can make. More and more people are turning bland, ordinary bathrooms into some of the best rooms in the house, simply by adding frameless glass shower doors.
At C & C Glass and Mirror, we offer top-quality glass and hardware solutions and a wide selection of decorative styles and designs. We also let you choose your glass options, such as clean, patterned or frosted, and you also get to choose the thickness of the glass you want, such as ¼” 3/8”, or ½”.


When it comes to your shower door, you can also add a pattern, like an image, monogram or any design you choose, which is then sound blasted in to make your glass shower or enclosure a unique work of art.
We can also make custom designs for you; simply bring us an image of the design you’d like, or share your ideas with us directly, and we’ll make it happen for you. We can even put your name or logo on the glass, should you desire!

New Essence Headerless Sliding Doors

The Essence Series Basic Sliding Door is a headless system that offers a frameless appearance both vertically and horizontally. Smooth and quiet operation is the corner tone of the Essence series. Water management is achieved horizontally by using the bottom track and vertically by using our DK98L clear seal. The anti-derailment / anti-pinch protection features of the curved bottom rollers make them unique. The Essence series is used with only 1/2 ″ (12 mm) thick tempered safety glass. The Essence Series sliders are available in four popular finishes of Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Brass. This sliding door system comes with a fixed panel and a sliding panel.

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors
Frameless Glass bathroom Doors

Serenity Series Frameless Sliding Doors

The Serenity sliding door system has a completely different look than traditional sliding shower door systems. The use of minimal hardware provides a frameless appearance that gives the cabinet an almost floating appearance. Specially designed roller bearings allow quiet and easy opening and closing of the door. This unique roller system runs above the head support bar that runs across the top of the cabinet. This sliding door system comes with a fixed panel and a sliding panel.

Hydroslide Frameless Sliding Doors

Hydroslide shower doors are an excellent design for compact areas. They include a fixed panel and a sliding door, with the option to add a 90-degree return panel for corner applications. With a unique head and roller system, these cabinets bring a sleek, clean look to your bathroom. This sliding door system comes with a fixed panel and a sliding panel.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors
Frameless Glass bathroom doors

Cottage Series Semi-Frameless Sliders

DK Cottage Series Sliders use metal side jambs for a traditional frameless sliding shower door look. Bolt-on top brackets allow for immediate fabrication and installation, without waiting for dirty adhesive to dry. Our DK Series kits come in Bright Anodized, Bright Gold Anodized, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes, with other finishes available upon special request. This sliding door system comes with two sliding panels.

Frameless Sliding Bi-fold Doors

Folding shower doors are the perfect option for those looking to save space. This is achieved because two glass panels fold in on themselves, sliding along a track, combining the technology of the hinged door and the sliding door. These types of doors open into the shower, maximizing space in the bathroom and keeping dripping water off the floor and into the shower. Because the door space is cut in half, less space is needed for the door clearance. Folding shower doors are the ideal choice when small spaces are a concern because they open and close without interfering with the space needed in your bathroom. Their space-saving qualities make them suitable for all styles and sizes of bathrooms. Call Modern Glass today for more information.

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors